Hardware Types

For each hardware type the following information can be displayed and edited.

  • Name: a user friendly name, such as "Strawberry Pi 5"
  • Handle: a machine friendly identifier, such as "strawberry-pi-5" (it must be a lower case, alpha numeric string, with no spaces and dashes allowed in the middle)
  • Part Numbers: a list of part numbers, such as "STBEPI-5-MA-2GB-REV1","STBEPI-5-MB-8GB-REV1", "STBEPI-5-MB-8GB-REV2", etc... Multiple part numbers can be entered using the "Add Part Number" button.

Hardware Types Screenshot

Create Hardware Type

This page allows creating a new hardware type, once created it can be edited at a later time.

Create Hardware Type Screenshot

Update Hardware Type

By clicking the link on the hardware type list it is possible to open the detailed Hardware Type page. It is possible to edit the existing hardware type and to update it clicking the "Update" button.