Remote Connection

Remote Connection

It is possible to connect to a specific device with a remote SSH connection to use a terminal for testing or debugging purposes.
The ability to use the SSH remote connection feature is not active by default. It must be activated on the server-side according to the agreements between Seco and the customer company.
For security reasons, your account needs to have the right permissions to use the remote connection with the device.
Use the 3-dots menu on top of the right of the device page to start a remote connection.
In order to use the remote connection, you need to have set your host SSH public key in your profile settings. The SSH key secures your connection to our server and to the device, letting us know you have the authority to connect remotely to the device.
Don't have an SSH key?
If you are unfamiliar with SSH keys, we recommend you take a look at GitHub's excellent documentation. This will walk you through everything you need to create a key pair. If you are using Windows you can check out these instructions.
Once you press the remote connection button, a popup will open. For security reasons, the gateways do not keep active the possibility to connect with them in SSH. Technically speaking, a secure process of connection to the board through a Reverse SSH Tunneling is now started, which takes a few seconds, and responds with a command string.
The command string can be copied and pasted on a Linux terminal of your host machine to start the SSH connection. Once the connection is established you need to insert the user password of the EDGEHOG OS.
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