From this tab, you can make geolocation requests for the device.
From this Tab, you can access the geolocation service to know the current location of the device.
The geolocation feature relies on an external service, so it is subject to payment on consumption whose cost must be in the agreement between Seco and the client company.
The geolocation service uses data from GPS, Wi-Fi, GPRS/LTE connections to estimate the current location of the device.
The primary data source for geolocation is the one taken from the GPS if present on the gateway. If GPS data is not available, data from cell towers (if there is a GPRS/LTE connection) and WiFi network nodes around the gateway (if WiFi is not in AP mode) are extracted and used to return a location and accuracy radius.
Once the localize button has been pressed, an asynchronous request from the platform to the device is launched. You must wait some time (usually less than one minute, a few minutes in some edge scenarios) before the external service responds. With the refresh button, you can check if the request has been completed and the data updated in the table.
You can press the Pin icon in the table to open a popup with the map.
Geolocation Pin example
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