This section describes the functionalities and modalities of interaction with the EDGEHOG Cloud user interface platform. It's going to follow the steps for the appropriate first startup of the system
To have a completely working system some mandatory steps must be performed in the order that this document follows.
This section assumes that the association between the gateways and the user's company has already been made.


  • Model: The device’s preset setting. It is necessary for the creation of the device.
  • Tag: identification labels needed to identify groups or single devices.
  • Gateway: the single board that is going to be installed on the finished product.
  • Device: it’s the finished product, the sum of the model and the gateway.
  • Update: the updates of the gateway’s EDGEHOG Operating System.

Page’s layout

The platform’s layout is the same in every section and the page’s layout is mainly composed of:
  • a sidenav menu on the left side of the page
  • a dropdown menu in the page’s header, where it’s possible to access to the user dedicated sections.
  • profile on the far right of the header.
  • work area.
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