A Model is a default setup to be associated to a Gateway to create a Device.

Creation of a Model

In the side navigation menu select Create model.
To create a model enter:
  • Model Name
  • Telemetry Provider
  • Gateway Type
  • Operating System
  • Tags
Tags, are, as previously mentioned, are a critical element of the EDGEHOG Device Manager, needed to categorize and rapidly identify every single device. Tags are automatic, meaning that:
  • they are paired to the device by default e.g. model, Operative System, Operative System version and more;
  • it’s possible to create custom tags during the selection process.
The document is now going to walk through how to manage tags.
When clicking on a Tag, tags already inputted in the system are visible. If visible tags don’t match the user’s need, writing down the name of a new tag is sufficient to create it.
Once selected, the tag is going to be added to the system and available to use.
To create a model add a picture of it by clicking the icon and uploading it. An upload screen is going to open.
If a Telemetry Provider directly managed by the EDGEHOG Platform is set, you can add sensors by clicking on Add sensor and entering:
  • Sensor name
  • Identifier
  • Type
  • Unit
  • Resender equal
Save each sensor by clicking on the save icon.
Once all sensors are set, select the tab “Actuators” and add actuators if needed, clicking on Add Actuator and entering:
  • Actuator name
  • Identifier
  • Type
  • Ack
  • Delta flush
  • Map
Save each actuator by clicking on the save icon in the last column of the table. Mind that saving is needed every time an actuator is modified.
Finally, you can add Docker Applications to the Model. The applications need to be created before the model is created to be shown on the dropdown list. You can always edit the Model later from the Model List.
If a Docker Application is stored on a private registry with credential access, the "Autoinstall" checkbox will be ignored. In that case, the Application installation needs to be done manually after the device creation.
You can save the Docker Applications using the save icon in the last column of the table.
Once the model setup is complete, press the Save button on the top right corner of the page.

Model List

The Model List section contains the complete list of created models, open and modify single models.
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