A Device is basically a final product. A combination of a Gateway associated with a default setup Model. Once a Device is created you can use it to manage all the features of the device management.

Create a Device

In the side navigation menu select Create Device.
Creating a Device requires a Model and a Gateway to be paired. The device is going to have a serial number and tags associated with it. To create a device enter:
  • a Model, from a previously created preset;
  • a Serial Number, associated to the single device, for example it could be the unique serial number of the machine where the Gateway is installed.;
  • The Name of the Device you're creating;
  • a Gateway, identified by a serial number, taken from the list of available gateways not yet associated with a device;
  • Tags, labels that allow the device’s identification.
Click Create Device to confirm the operation and create the product.

Devices List

In the side navigation menu select Devices List.
In the Devices lists section, all created devices are listed.
In this overview pages the following elements are visible:
  • A pie chart, displaying the type and number of registered devices:
  • total number of registered devices;
  • total number of offline devices;
  • total number of online devices;
  • total number of devices in fault;
  • chart reporting the features of every device.
The chart is completely customizable by clicking the filtering icon placed in each column. In customizable mode is possible to:
  • set the sorting
  • select the columns to be displayed in the chart;
  • apply search filters.
To display a specific device’s page click the info icon, on the left side of the column.

Device Page

In the detail page of a single device you can manage all the information and features of the EDGEHOG platform such as the status of the device, the OS installed and its version, connection information, and all other useful information. It is also possible to manage the features made available on the platform such as device localization, docker application management, remote connection management with the gateway, and more.
Check the pages in Using the Device Manager section to learn how best to manage your devices.
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