SBC-C23 - Tips

On this page you can find some specific tips to develop using the SBC-C23 board

You can find all the information about the board in the official Seco user manual of the board. You can download it in the Document section of the SBC-C23 page.

Serial communication

To connect in serial with the SBC-C23 board you need to use the USB-to-Serial port converter modules (CS863) provided in the cable kit. Connect it to the CN70 connector of the board.

CN70 Serial Connector

On your host machine, you can use the Linux software minicom or similar (e.g. Putty in Windows or Serial Tools in macOS) to have a terminal.

Serial console parameters to be used within the serial software minicom.

Serial parameters


Serial Speed (Baud rate)






Stop Bits


Flow Control


These parameters are consistently set by default in each serial connection software.

Once you have access to the serial port, you can enter into EDGEHOG OS root user login credentials.


The default user to be used to interact with the EDGEHOG OS is root. Use the following credentials:

  • User: root

  • password: incendia

Connect to a Network

Very often, for debugging purposes, it is useful to work with boards by connecting in SSH from a host machine. To connect in this way you need to be connected in the same network as the SBC-C23.

The easiest way to connect the SBC-C23 to a network is to use an ethernet connection or to connect to the wireless network created by the board.


To connect the SBC-C23 to a network you can use the RJ45 Ethernet CN64 connector. This port is configured to receive an assigned IP address from a DHCP server.

From your network, you must find a way to understand the IP address assigned to the board. You can do this in many ways, for example, by checking the router's control panel or by scanning the network with a software tool like easy mobile app Fing.

To connect in SSH open a terminal on your host machine connected in the same network of the SBC-C23 and run the command:

ssh root@<sbc-c23_ip_address>

The default password of the root user is incendia.


The Wi-Fi module of the SBC-C23 is set by default to work as an access-point creating an accessible network.

The SSID of the network that is created is something similar to EDGEHOGOS-XXXX. The passphrase to enter in the network is edgehogos.

Once you are connected to this network from a host machine, an IP address will be assigned, while the IP address of the SBC-C23 gateway will be

To connect in SSH to the board you can use this command:

ssh root@

The default password of the root user is incendia.